You don't have an account on Keypup yet? Here is what you can expect the first time.

Upon clicking on signup, you'll be asked to login via GitHub or GitLab or use a regular email/password combination.

If signing up via GitHub or Gitlab, they will ask you to login (if you're not already logged in) and authorize Keypup to access your account.

Example of authorization flow for GitHub

Giving us access to your account is essential to make Keypup work as we rely on your data to evaluate priorities and such. However be assured we'll never access your code! You can read more about it on our security page.

Next step is to choose a name for your company. This will be useful later on when you start inviting colleagues to Keypup!

Your signup is now complete! The rest of the onboarding flow will take care of guiding through connecting apps and importing projects.

You can as well do this later by reading our Connect Apps and Import Projects articles.

Once you are done you should read more about the Priority Inbox, the Team Board and the Data Explorer.

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