Keypup's team board is a visual way of following the progress of issues and pull requests. Unlike Trello or JIRA, there is no need to move cards. The board is automatically updated based on the status of items.

Each column in the board is configured to retrieve issues and pull requests matching specific filters. This is all powered by the Data Explorer engine under the hood.

By default columns are configured in the following way:

  • Todo: Any open issue with at least one assignee

  • In development: Any open pull request which is not currently in review or for which changes have been requested

  • In review: Any open pull request for which a review has been requested or any pull request which has been approved but currently having build issues or conflicting with the base branch.

  • Mergeable: Any open pull request which has been approved, has a green build and does not conflict with the base branch.

  • Done: Any issue or pull request which has been closed or merged within the last 3 days.

By default the Team board shows you the progress of items across all team members. You can filter the board for a specific Team Member by using the View as filter.

Filtering on specific team members is a good way of seeing what their priority inbox looks like.

The default board doesn't quite match your current workflow? It's easy to edit the Team Board. You can add, remove or edit the definition of each column in a few clicks the same way you build reports with the Data Explorer.

See our article on Customizing the Team Board.

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